Loans to Start

Clarissa will work to help local businesses secure grants and low interest loans to rehire workers and expand. Many businesses shut down or lost their lease simply because of the pandemic. Low-cost loans to previously successful businesses will pose little risk and pay dividends in restoring economic growth.

Support to Grow

Clarissa will cut red tape and clear bureaucratic obstacles for local businesses. Clarissa believes that businesses shouldn’t be penalized for shutting down during COVID-19, which is why she will work to extend licenses and certifications for local restaurants and stores.

Help for Those in Need

City services should be readily available to every Riverside resident, so Clarissa will work to increase outreach to families in need by experienced caseworkers and service providers. She’ll work to strengthen local foodbanks, public health services, and mental health supports.

Reduce Homelessness Fast

Homelessness is an urgent crisis that affects everyone in our city. Clarissa will work to get people off the streets and into shelter. Increasing the number of emergency shelter beds, building low-cost housing, and improving mental health services are essential to end this crisis.

“Riverside’s local businesses are an indispensable part of our city, and they need help now.”

Clarissa Cervantes



Clarissa is committed to improving and expanding our local parks to give children safe places to play outdoors. She will fight to protect open space to preserve the character of our neighborhoods and maintain quality of life.


Clarissa believes that public spaces help make a city great, and that Riverside should celebrate its art and artists with public installations for everyone to enjoy. She will highlight the work of local artists and creatives to celebrate the vibrancy of our community.


Cracked and broken streets and sidewalks are dangerous for residents and ultimately costly for the city. Clarissa is committed to ensuring Ward 2 receives our fair share of funding for repaving and repairing our neighborhood streets.


Clarissa will ensure responsible management and oversight of Riverside Public Utilities by appointing engaged and capable Riverside residents to the Board. Clarissa will work to maintain low rates while replacing aging infrastructure to provide reliable service to residents.


Public safety is our city government’s first job, and Clarissa is committed to living up to that responsibility. Crime is rising statewide, homelessness is a greater challenge than ever, and wildfires are making firefighters’ jobs more dangerous. Clarissa will work with our local law enforcement to increase training to meet these new challenges, better deploy resources, and equip first responders with the tools they need to ensure fast emergency response times and keep Riverside safe.

“I trust Clarissa Cervantes to implement policies that ensure safe neighborhoods and fast emergency response times.”

SERGIO DIAZ | Riverside Chief of Police (Ret.)


Many seniors have been isolated throughout the pandemic, some of whom have physical challenges that prevent them from accessing services and care. Clarissa will fight to improve services for Riverside seniors, including at-home wellness checks and food and prescription delivery.

Riverside’s senior centers are a tremendous resource, but their hours are limited. Clarissa will advocate to open centers earlier in the morning, giving residents greater access to clubs, classes, and activities.


Clarissa Cervantes is a local businesswoman with experience in city government, but first and foremost she’s a mom. She believes that Riverside is a great place to raise children, but there are steps we can take to make it even better. On the City Council, Clarissa will work to:

IMPROVE AND EXPAND LOCAL PARKS and outdoor recreation areas, including Sycamore Canyon Park and Lincoln Park, because evidence shows that outdoor play and recreation have long-term health and development benefits for children.

EXPAND CHILDREN’S EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS at the Riverside Art Museum and Riverside Arts Academy to help children explore the arts, and partner with our school district to develop more extracurricular programs for students.

STRENGTHEN TRAFFIC SAFETY, particularly along school routes, so that children can walk to and from school safely. By improving visibility and signage at intersections that draw high levels of pedestrian use, we can prevent accidents and protect children.

DEVELOP A STRATEGIC PLAN TO IMPROVE CHILDCARE SERVICES and early learning opportunities in Riverside. High-quality early childcare helps to relieve the burden on working families and has significant long-term impacts on young people.